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Xi’an Baqiao Porsche Center, the 8th One of C&D Auto, Goes Into Full Operation

Date: 2017-07-07 | Source:C&D Auto

Xi’an Baqiao Porsche Center, the first Porsche center of Northwest China, which is the 8th one of C&D Auto, held grand opening ceremony on 6th, July 2017.

The total area of Xi’an Baqiao Porsche Center covers over 11 thousand square meters. The spacious and bright display hall has a capacity of 19 Porsche roadsters. The modern after-sales service center is equipped the global uniform detection instrument and repair equipment.

Xi’an Baqiao Porsche Center owns an outstanding sales and after-sales service team, which will provide more professional, more comprehensive and more convenient high-quality services for the Porsche owners of Xi’an and surrounding cities.