Providing professional supply chain solutions

Xiamen C&D Inc. Stock code: 600153

Corporate Mission

Tap into new values.
Allow more people to enjoy higher quality lives.

Corporate Vision

To become one of the leading supply chain operators in China and to strengthen our international competitiveness.
To become one of the most outstanding real estate operators in China.

Core Values

Proactive and Harmonious Development.

Corporate Spirits

Unity and Collaborative, Dedicated and Trustworthy
Firm and Pragmatic, Innovative and Enterprising.

Service Concepts

Professional, Highly Efficient, Excellent Quality and Credibility.

Business Objectives

To provide professional service for our customers.
To maximize the return on the shareholders' investment.
To create bigger development opportunities for the employees.
To bring about public values for the society.
To realize the Company's development that is harmonious with that of the customers, shareholders, employees and the society.

Code of Conduct

Simple, Respectful, Responsible.
To prioritize the company's interest.
To legally earn personal income.